Martin Pegner, MBA
My hometown was Zlin - 300 km eastern from Prague


- database analysis of accounting SW Horry company
- programing modules in object oriented Turbo Pascal 7.0 and Basic (MS DOS)

- grammar school in Zlin at class with extended orientation on math and science
- final exam from Czech and English language, Math, Informatics and Economy

- University of Economics, Prague - Faculty of Finance and Accounting

- sales manager and junior consultant for Bauer Consulting s.r.o.
- courses of CRM, controlling and sales force methodology

- analysis of merge Tatra and Liaz for Skoda Plzen
- Vikam Praha, a.s. (building industry) - management, controlling

- marketing strategy, internet consulting, webdesign for local ISP Zlin.NET
- web pages for: Ateliery Zlín a.s., AZ-Radio, Radio Publikum, Stival, Zlínské Noviny, Zlin.NET

- start-up of first czech commercial internet provider Video On Line, later Czech On Line (service Volny.CZ), currently position no. 3 on czech ISP market
- start-up specialist, marketing consultant, web designer
- VOL was owned by well known italian private venture capitalist Renato Soru - Video On Line Italia, which later started current no. 2 on czech ISP market - company Tiscali
- authoring official Jára Cimrman pages, competing first pages of famous Ivo Lukačovič - today owner of biggest czech catalogue service and portal Seznam.CZ

- project manager at ELSO s.r.o.
- technical and project management of realization TCP/IP LAN and WAN networks (i.e. Vikam a.s.)

- partner and executive head of Koncept MEDIA s.r.o. (later Strix s.r.o.)
- project sold to Tanger s.r.o. providing SMS services for GSM operators Eurotel and Oskar/Vodafone

- Jiři Pallas - disident against bad people from StB, Secret Services restructuralizator who met Victor Kožený at his early czech carrier and who bring contacts to Václav Havel, Pavel Landovský, Jiří Černý or Petr Janda
- Jiří and Marián Kamenický, authors of czech codepage "Kamenických" (MS DOS) and well known IT specialist - owners of Koncept s.r.o. and Koncept CZ s.r.o. Today at Syntea software group a.s. and Nadační Fond Ferdinanda Peroutky
- Jörgen Widsell, swedish media mogul, manager of Modern Times Group (MTG) as part of Cristina Stenbeck's AB Kinnevik (Tele2, Metro, Prima TV)
- Karel Růžička, business man (chemical industry) - Unichem a.s.
- Martin Dvořáček, Internet Marketing guru

internet entertainment and advertising
- Seznamka.CZ, Rande.CZ, Bazar.CZ, Antikvariat.CZ, Byty.CZ, Zamestnani.CZ - personal ads
- Blabla.CZ - discussion groups
- Ski.CZ - information and news server

programming, web design
- Nadace VIA - intranet database of NGOs
- Nacerno.CZ - blog of well known czech musical critic Jiří Černý
- Sweden.CZ - web pages of Swedish Trade Council

- - swedish personal ads (with Robert Ashberg - Sweden)
- e-magine - intranet and extranet application for event agency (Sweden)
- - intranet and extranet for start-up ISP (Estonia)
- Laterna Magica - intranet and extranet application for incomming travel agency (Sweden)

subproject of Jiří Pallas and Martin Pegner
- investment in chain of Internet Cafe restaurants at Prague

- senior consultant at Bauer Consulting s.r.o.
- consulting services at marketing, sales and purchase systems, controlling, company strategies and intracompany organization and communication

Benar, a.s. (textil indstry) - restructuralization
Beznoska, s.r.o. (healthcare) - analysis, implementation of project
Daewoo Avia, a.s. (automotive) - analysis
Granitol Moravský Beroun, a.s (chemical industry) - analysis, marketing, controlling
Gumárny Zubří, a.s. (chemical industry) - controlling
Hutní montáže Moravský Krumlov, a.s. (building industry)- controlling
Masospol, a.s. (food industry) - marketing, controlling
Selekta, a.s. (agriculture) - analysis
UNIPLET Třebíč (machinery industry) - analysis

standalone projects
Fontea, a.s. (food industry) - marketing analysis
ELAS s.r.o. (IT) - company health analysis

- member of restructuralization team at Interier Říčany a.s. (former ALFA Říčany a.s. - furniture industry)
- CIO and TOP management member of midsize (cca 300 people) furniture company
- strategic workshops of management, marketing driven sales, cost driven proceses, controlling analysis
- implementation of information system Visual Manufacturing
- client: Goldman-Sachs

- University of New York in Prague, BBA - Business Administration

- University of Northern Virginia, MBA - General management

- founder and partner of Advanced Genetics, s.r.o.
- SMB biotechnology and genetic company with advanced product portfolio
- projects
DNAtest - analysis of DNA profiles (paternity, relationship, forensic test)
megaFIT - e-shop for food supplements - health products for extending nutrition
Odhalená-Nevěra - special forensic DNA testing
euroGeeN - nutrigenomic tests of metabolic types based on DNA analysis

- COO of Regenia REAL ESTATE, s.r.o.
- Regenia UK
- Regenia CH

- project manager of delivery new backoffice IS FinDATA
- Fincentrum a.s. - Petr Stuchlík, Martin Nejedlý
- Business Logic, s.r.o. - Martin Dvořáček

- project manager and business consultant on develpoment of Intranet ÚZSVM
- ÚZSVM - Úřad pro zastupování státu ve věcech majetkových

- CFO of The Address Idea group
- The Address Idea - Eugenio Bramerini

- project manager and business consultant of IT restructuralization at MEKR's (data warehouse)
- MEKR'S s.r.o. - a wholesaler of fasteners and anchor equipment


english, partly german, partly russian, slovak, czech

computer knowledges:
Active knowledge of operating systems DOS, Windows 7,8; Server 2012 and basics of Unix. Perfect knowledge of internet and ability to use it for marketing or search in open sources. Very good knowledge of full MS Office, high level knowledge of database designing and data mining (MS SQL 2014). Knowledge of designing internet applications (HTML, XML, CSS, ASP, MS IIS) and many other computer abilities, including work with Corel, Adobe PhotoShop and DTP (InDesing).

workshops (CZ, EN):
marketing on internet for ICV
MPO - CzechTrade
Bonton Tech Talk
Bauer Seminars
BIG – Business Idea Genarator

articles and books:
Marketing na internetu (Pegner, Stuchlík, Dvořáček – Grada Publishing 1997)
CHIP computer magazine (1996-1998), Hospodářské Noviny, Playboy etc.