Martin Pegner, MBA
I am providing consulting services (analysis, implementation) in next areas of company management:
(with perfect knowledge of middle european market and enviroment of small and middle size enterprises - SME)

- cost analysis and value added analysis
- sales controlling and contribution margin analysis
- purchase controlling - lowes prices of inputs at life of company

general techniques
- DILO - Day In the Life Of company analysis
- PDSA Plan-Do-Study-Act: turning data into knowledge and hence competitive advantage, through action
- one day brief economy audit of company
- best practices - knowledge management as deepest source of company wealth
- benchmarking - comparing processes inside one company and comparing companies efficiences
- KPI Key Performance Indicators and performance tracking
- SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats, a general technique for competitive analysis
- business impact matrices to evaluate opportunities and issues
- role spiders a technique to describe and analyze roles and responsibilities
- critical success factors I/S planning technique to focus attention in strategy implementation
- pareto charting the 80/20 rule
- intracompany communication and visualization of informations
- organisation development - Quick and Simple Management and Organisation Development
- cause-effect diagram Quality management, also known as Ishikawa or fishbone diagram
- waste reduction at moderated workshops
- industry audit of company - your position benchmark at one day
- KAIZEN, balanced scorecard, CRM, marketing, controlling, zero defect management, KANBAN methodology
- core competencies strategy definition, more based on own strengths than on competitor analysis
- RACI Responsibility Charting

process engineering
- overall process charting gives a high level view of what a company is doing
- Brown Paper Charting - a workshop to describe and discuss how processes work
- value chain analysis disaggregates a firm into its strategically relevant activities in order to understand the behavior of costs and the existing and potential sources of differentiation
- time analysis as a basis for generating new ideas for process designs
- workflow - the use of workflow in process development
- process analysis forms to gather a lot of information about processes
- customer requirements analysis a method for analyzing and describing customer requirements for the process

workgroup skills
- effective meetings organizing and managing meetings
- project management - methodology of different project management types
- team structure analysis and personal audit (SWOT of your people)
- strategic workshop management

change management
- crisis management - how to lead company from chasm
- understanding change - a general introduction about change management
- overcoming resistance - to understand resistance to change and steps to take to deal with it
- coaching - how to coach and give feedback